Xactimate Prices Continue to Rise in September 2016 Dallas, TX Price List Update

Xactimate Price List Sept DFW

The September 2016 Xactimate pricelist was released by Xactware. It appears that for the Dallas Ft Worth Metroplex, the prices are continuing to rise.

We recently told you about Xactimate and we showed you in our video how the prices can change significantly from month to month.

The above screenshot was captured from an Xactimate estimate we completed today for our client. Just by simply changing the finished product from the August 2016 pricelist to the September 2016 pricelist, the final price was increased by $522.85.

It pays to know things like this!

A little about Xactimate: Over 80% of insurance companies – including State Farm, Farmers, Allstate, USAA, Nationwide, MetLife, Liberty Mutual, Safeco, The Hartford, American Family, ASI, American Modern, QBE and many more – use the industry standard pricing software called Xactimate.

Q) What is Xactimate?

A) Xactimate is a third-party software made by Xactware, owned by Verisk. Xactware conducts extensive market research and comes up with a price for almost every conceivable item in construction. This includes variables for labor, material, equipment, general site conditions and general contractor’s overhead and profit.

Xactimate has a separate pricelist for different markets. San Diego has a different pricelist than Los Angeles; Miami has a different pricelist than Orlando, and so on.

Even more significant, Xactimate changes all pricelists once per month. Every month, the price to remove and replace one linear foot of fascia changes, for example.

Sometimes it changes a little and sometimes it changes a LOT.

If you don’t present your estimates in Xactimate, you’re losing. If you don’t have Xactimate experts creating your Xactimate estimates, you’re failing.

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