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My name is Chad Michael. I’m a damage expert consultant. I perform complete boots-on-the-ground property damage inspections. I compile thorough and complete Xactimate estimates, which include building code documentation and 300 or more photos for every project. I provide premium consulting and training for contractors. Strategy, game planning and opening up profit fountains.

I am a practitioner… and there is no one like me.

Are you just taking the insurance adjusters word for it?

When they write an estimate… do you just do the job for whatever they say that you should do the job for??? Are you sending it to a public adjuster? Through the appraisal process? An attorney? Or are you exhausting ALL options that are available to you already at the contractor level?

Are you performing complete property
damage inspections? Are you presenting your findings – line item by line item – to the insurance company?

Like this job when the insurance company just wanted to pay for a simple repair for this condo complex… Florida Building codes required a full replacement.

Or this job… four total layers of shingles on this roof… one of which being slate. The insurance company just wanted to replace the top layer. They just wanted to pay seventy thousand dollars.

But our assessment found that all layers needed to be replaced… including the water-soaked decking underneath. Our version of the estimate:


Hurricane Irma caused extensive damage all along the Florida coast.

This job: seven hundred thousand dollars.

And this job here in Miami Beach. Full replacement value of all the damages here: $600 thousand.

When the insurance company fights you, who do they send? They send adjusters and engineers and building consultants.

And what do they do? They document the damages. They present their findings in detailed professional reports.

You need to beat them at their own game.

STRATEGY. HARD WORK. DILIGENCE. That’s the key that that opens up these insurance claims and shortens up the timeframe.

Kansas… It’s been a long, hard, season. I KNOW how it is. sometimes it can feel BACK-BREAKING.

Orlando Florida… 10:00 a.m., morning after Hurricane Irma…. Curfew still on the streets. Because of the roof damage to this building, six floors of this hotel suffered extensive water
damage. So whether it’s metal, flat roof, slate, or shingle roofing… All building codes must be followed, documented and presented to the insurance company for full success.

Like this hotel Corpus Christi Texas… Hurricane Harvey’s been here… and he was NOT happy. Extensive water damage to the interior of this hotel – because of wind – and now EVERY SINGLE PIECE of this building has to be documented and presented to the insurance company in a line item, by line item professional estimate.

In North Dallas, Texas the insurance company just wanted to pay $69,000 for a simple parapet wall repair… But it’s covered with the hail damage. I think it needs a FULL REPLACEMENT! Mod bit, now TPO. Synthetic composites slate shingles on the mansard, now standing -seam metal.

Full replacement APPROVED: $472 THOUSAND DOLLARS!

$69,000 doesn’t even BEGIN to cut it.

Strategy. Consistency. Diligence. Dedication. And most importantly of all, putting in the HARD WORK… that’s REQUIRED… to WIN IN THIS GAME!

(transcribed from video)

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20 years in my field and it’s still hard. Patience…

T.he G.rind I.ncludes F.ridays ?

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30,000 Sq Ft Flat Roof Complete!

SPRAY FOAM MASTERS in action! 30,000 Sq Ft Flat Roof Complete.

Documenting the BEST in the country. They are Allen Kinney, Christopher Kinney and Jordan Kinney of SPRAY FOAM MASTERS. Your go-to for Spray Foam Roofing!???


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There are SO many POSSIBILITIES in 2018! I’m crazy pumped up!

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Large Loss OZARKS!!!

It has been a pleasure working with this very talented #Practitioner, John Thomas Thompson and his awesome company, Thompson Roofing & Siding in Lake Ozark, MO.

These guys are the best of the best in the Ozarks. There is nothing they can’t handle.

This video is just the first of many.

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