How to Properly Tarp a Hail Damaged Roof

Strange things happen after a hail storm.

First, many times it appears that property owners with major hail damaged roofs are mostly unaware that their roofs need to be covered to prevent water from leaking through to the interior.

Some do appear to catch on eventually, but even those folks seem to only think it’s important to cover the roof in patches.

Just look around after a hail storm. Soon patches of tarps will start to appear on roofs.  But rarely do roofs get covered 100%.

This is wrong for two reasons:

First – and perhaps foremost – most insurance companies are willing to pay to cover the entire roof! Almost all policyholders are required to do whatever is in their power to mitigate the damages. That means they are required to “stop the bleeding”, so to speak.

Why would the contractor want to be a part of that?

Second, over 80% of insurance companies – including State Farm, Farmers, Allstate, USAA, Nationwide, MetLife, Liberty Mutual, Safeco, The Hartford, American Family, ASI, American Modern, QBE and many more – use the industry standard pricing software Xactimate. And Xactimate prices temporary tarp repair by the square foot. And if this takes place outside of business hours (Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm), the price per square foot is higher.

Why cover patches of a roof totaling 100-200 square feet (only getting paid for 100-200 square feet), when instead you could be getting paid for 3500 square feet, etc? You should be covering the entire roof.

And Xactimate prices temporary tarp repair by the square foot.

How to Tarp a Hail Damaged Roof


Additional items can also be added for steep charges, emergency service call, furring strips (lumber) and carpentry, etc.

Making it even more of a no-brainer is the fact that by getting the property owner to sign a simple form when performing the service, it can be submitted to the insurance company immediately and most of the time a check can be issued directly to the contractor within days.

That’s why we say that strange things seem to happen after a hail storm. Maybe you’ll think so too, the next time you see patches of tarps on hail damaged roofs after a storm.

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5 comments on “How to Properly Tarp a Hail Damaged Roof
  1. You’re welcome! ??

  2. Farrah Smith says:

    Very informative. thank you @overheadandprofit.

  3. Thanks for the heads up. It never thought anything of seeing tarps used to cover only part of roofs. However, it does make sense to just cover the whole roof. Why take any chances when it comes to covering leaks?

  4. HW "Pip" Savage III says:

    What is the charge toter an entire house? Per square price?

    • Depends on the market, the type of roof system, whether or not it is steep and/or high, how much of a perimeter it is. And we would follow all Xactimate pricing. Hope this helps.

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